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International Law


MZN law firm with its in-depth knowledge and resources combined with the higher study of our lawyers in both public and private international law along with the first-hand experience involving a number of international law matters make us the first choice for clients involving Bangladesh such as MNCs, international organizations, specialized bodies formed under Treaty or sovereign states. Over the years, our Firm has adopted a wide Clientele from all sectors worldwide

International law usually falls into two different categories. Public International law and Private international law. Public international law is the set of rules, agreements, and treaties that are binding between countries. It generally comes from three sources: treaties, customs, and general principles of law. Public international law concerns the relationships between nations and international organizations. Private international law, on the other hand, is a body of rules used to resolve legal disputes between private individuals who cross international boundaries.  Where a dispute is between two parties in different countries with different legal systems, private international law helps a court or tribunal determine the applicable forum for the resolution of disputes and which country’s substantive law will be used to decide the matter.  Although it is called ‘international law’ it is in fact a body of domestic law, and each country has its own set of private international law. Due to the flow of global investment and trade, international law is becoming increasingly relevant for states, international organizations, and multinational corporations. International lawyers represent countries, international organizations, state enterprises, and MNCs in both contentious and non-contentious matters. MZN law firm advises clients on both contentious and non-contentious matters involving international law.

 Our services include:

  • Negotiating and drafting inter-governmental and host government agreements concerning cross-border trade, investment, and cooperation
  • G2G and PPP project finance and infrastructure projects involving international law
  • Rights and obligations under international trade law agreements, international intellectual property law agreements and related international environmental law agreements